Injured Animal Fund
"Faithful Friends" Animal Series
by World Renowned Artists
Support the "Injured Animal Fund" Become a Patron Sponsor of the "Faithful Friends" Series of Paintings by World Renowned Artists including Ken Corbett.

Xolo Media, Inc. in conjunction with its Patron Sponsors is introducing a new masterpiece created by world renowned artist Ken Corbett.  Ken has been commissioned to create this painting which will be titled “Bedtime Prayers.”  The “Faithful Friends” product line will be based on this image and feature a collector’s porcelain Christmas ornament, mugs, t-shirts, gift cards and envelope sets, Christmas cards  and various sizes of framed art.  Sales of these products through our Patron Sponsors’ locations will benefit the “Injured Animal Fund” a non-profit charitable trust administered by local veterinarians independent of Xolo Media, Inc. This fund will pay medical bills for animals that have no financial sponsor. Your generosity and support benefits countless pets, their families, and the animals of Utah.


Your Patron Sponsorship fee of just $395.00 helps pay for the commissioning of “Bedtime Prayers”.  As a Patron Sponsor you’ll receive two framed, signed, and numbered, Limited Editions of “Bedtime Prayers” by Ken Corbett.  The size of these framed pieces is 18″ x 24″.  The value of each exceeds $395.00. Your sponsorship is deeply appreciated. Because of caring veterinarians and individuals throughout Utah, this project would not be possible.


Any employee of a Patron Sponsor may choose to support the “Injured Animals Fund” through the purchase of a “Bedtime Prayers” Limited Edition painting while supplies last.  The price to those you employ for this painting is $195.00.  Their support is appreciated as this money helps pay for the commissioning of this masterpiece.


 As a Patron Sponsor you will receive many benefits including the opportunity to become a retail outlet offering the “Faithful Friends” Product Line to your customers and be part of  a statewide advertising  campaign that includes television and Internet marketing. Click here to learn more about the benefits that your company receives when you become a Patron Sponsor.





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For those of you who would like to donate to this worthy cause, we have made it possible for you to become involved as well. Simply choose below an amount you would like to donate to the Injured Animal Fund as we know every little bit will assist animals in need. When you donate we invite you to participate with us in many fun activities.

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